JCV Cloud AnySee is an AI image recognition service that offers fundamental image (face) recognition functions. It combines the best AI computer vision algorithms with the latest vector search engine and provides API in Restful standards.


🛠Basic API Functions

  • Entity management: Add and maintain entities for ANN search.
  • Face entities:
    • Detect: Detects entities in an image and returns the details of entities.
    • Compare: Compares the largest entities in 2 images separately or compares the largest entity in 1 image to an existing entity. After that, it returns a similarity score of these two entities, addressing their proximity.
    • Search: Detects the largest entity in the uploaded image and searches among a specific range of entities to return the most similar sets of face entities.

🎨Image features

  • Auto rotation: Proceeds the image with its correct orientation.
  • Detection area: Proceeds only the entities overlapped with a rectangle detection area.
  • Response detail specification: Return only the required detail fields.
  • Face entities:
    • Alignment output: Return alignment information of the entity.
    • Quality output: Return quality information of the face detected, e.g., sharpness, brightness.
    • Attributes output: Return estimated attributes of the face detected, e.g., age and gender.

🗄Vector Data features

  • TTL: Generates an expiration time of the entity when registered. The service will automatically remove it permanently when it reaches the time.

Revision history

2023/06/26Face Entities - Image - Angle- Added the content of the geometric center point of faces.
- Added the content of the new model JCV_FACE_J10000.
2022/08/17Quick Start- Added the quick start manual
2022/08/15Face Entities - Image - Area and detection- Updated contents of the compare with an existing face API and the update API.
2022/08/05All pages- Released the first version of the document.🎊