Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists some frequently asked questions of Face Login.

Q1. Where can I find the API specification?

Please find it here.

Q2. How can I contact support?

For customers with a paid order, please use the Jira support page to create a supporting ticket.

For customers without a paid order, please use the discussion page or send an email to the following mail address.

For customers who want to place a paid order, use the contact form.

Q3. Does the service support facial recognition with masks?

Yes. But we strongly recommend not registering a portrait with a mask in Identity Manager.

Q4. Is there a limit on the number of users?

Yes, the limit of users is restricted by the binding Identity Manager instance. Please refer to the plan of Identity Manager.

Q5. Does Face Login support SSO (Single Sign-On)?

Face Login does not directly support SSO, but it can be achieved by setting up an intermediate service provider which supports the SSO feature. Please refer to this page for more details.

Q6. What should I do when "Liveness detection failed" happens?

Please try changing the background, lighting, and camera angle, and try again.

Q7. Why is it not authenticated even if I enter the numbers sent by SMS during MFA?

Please confirm you are not using the 6-digit SMS sender number starting with 22 or 24. Try to use the 6-digit number included in the SMS body.

Q8. Where can I confirm the login history?

The login history is currently unavailable in the Face Login service. It will be available soon in the Event Manager.

Q9. Why does Windows Face Login fail?

Even if the environment is set correctly, there are the following possible causes of errors in the Windows Face Login.

  1. Liveness detection failed. Solution: Adjust the camera angle or lighting conditions and try again.
  2. Face photos, phone numbers, etc., are not registered. Solution: Please confirm that the ID is registered correctly in Identity Manager.
  3. The first-time login password reset is not set to Never. Solution: Set the first-time login password reset to Never and re-register the ID. Please refer to here.