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Welcome to the best computer vision cloud platform JCV Cloud!


JCV Cloud is JCV's next-generation AI computer vision cloud platform. It provides the essential components to build your computer vision-assisted services, such as face payment and building access. Use the highly integrated and reliable AI solution to empower your online businesses.

Basic CV

Basic CV services are intended for customers who belong to the IT department and have experience developing and operating applications that use HTTP/HTTPS-based and JSON-formatted Web APIs. They offer essential computer vision features that are the basis of all Elements and Solutions.

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Element services are intended for customers who belong to the human resource or general affairs department and have experience using SaaS to maintain company resources. They help to manage the elements belonging to your organization, such as Identities, Devices, and Recognition events (logs).

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Solution services are intended for project members building IT solutions based on computer vision technologies. They help to combine elements and configure detailed options for various solutions, such as access management, visitor management, etc.

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