This page provides detailed information on registration portraits (images).

A portrait upload is required to use the facial recognition function based on registered identities. The upload is optional, but if no portrait is ever uploaded, the identity cannot be used in facial recognition features, like solutions or OpenAPI.


The portrait file should meet the following standards to upload a valid portrait on Identity Manager.

ItemMinimum requirementRecommended
File sizeUnder 4MB (approximately)200KB
Minimum Pixels of the face32×32200×200
File formatJPG (JPEG), PNG, GIF (The first frame only)JPG (JPEG), PNG
Number of faces in the portrait1 and only 11 and only 1

We highly recommend periodically updating the portrait to reflect changes in aging.

Quality check

A quality check is a true-or-false judgment based on returning value describing the quality-related items of the face in the uploaded image and a series of thresholds. Its purpose is to filter out low-quality portraits to achieve better accuracy in facial recognition. Due to the highly-developed server-side facial recognition model, the quality check of registration is less critical than before. You can choose to turn it off if you think the systemical checking standard is too strict for the registration portraits.

Below is a table of quality check items and possible error messages.

ItemOpenAPI MessageGUI Message
Yawyaw_too_muchThe yaw of the face is too much.
Pitchpitch_too_muchThe pitch of the face is too much.
Rollroll_too_muchThe roll of the face is too much.
Brightnesstoo_brightThe face is too bright.
Brightnesstoo_darkThe face is too dark.
Sharpnesstoo_blurThe face is too blurred.
Mouthmouth_too_openThe mouth opens too much.
Face sizeface_too_bigThe face is too big.
Face positionface_out_of_frameThe face is out of frame.
Occlusionoverall_too_much_occlusionThere is too much occlusion overall.
Occlusionleft_eyebrow_too_much_occlusionThere is too much left eyebrow occlusion.
Occlusionright_eyebrow_too_much_occlusionThere is too much right eyebrow occlusion.
Occlusionleft_eye_too_much_occlusionThere is too much left eye occlusion.
Occlusionright_eye_too_much_occlusionThere is too much right eye occlusion.
Occlusionnose_too_much_occlusionThere is too much nose occlusion.
Occlusionmouth_too_much_occlusionThere is too much mouth occlusion.
Occlusionface_contour_too_much_occlusionThere is too much face contour occlusion.
Maskcannot_wear_maskThe face should not be wearing a mask.
Hatcannot_wear_hatThe face should not be wearing a hat.
Glassescannot_wear_sunglassesThe face should not be wearing sunglasses.
Number of Faces *image_entity_too_manyThere are multiple faces found in the image.
Number of Faces *image_entity_not_foundThere is no face found in the image.

*: These rules will be applied even by skipping the quality check.