JCV Cloud Identity Manager is an IDP (identity provider) service that offers identity management and facial recognition functions. It combines the best AI computer vision algorithms with highly customizable functions to help you easily manage different types of identity. It also provides a Restful standard OpenAPI.


📦Instance Management

  • Create and maintain service instances.
  • API key management

🪪Identification Management

  • CRUD of a single identity: Create, delete or update a single identity.
  • Get the identity list: List all registered identities in a service instance.
  • CRUD of an identity group: Create, delete or update an identity group.
  • Get the group list: List all identity groups in a service instance.
  • Identity/group management: Add/Remove identities to/from an identity group.
  • QR Code: Get the QR Code to use in the Lobby Base APP.

🗒️Template Management

  • Set up customized fields applied to identities.
  • Set up identity type names and indexes.

✅Approval Management

  • Approve identity portrait self-registration requests.

🔄SCIM server Management

  • Set up SCIM server for Identity Provisioning.

Revision history

2023/09/21Features- Added the contents of the User ID change function.
2023/07/31Features- Added the SCIM server setting for ID Provisioning.
2023/07/11Features- Added the portrait self-registration and approval functions.
2023/06/05Features- Added the contents of the identity type and valid period functions.
2023/04/02Features- Added the contents of the identity QR code function for Lobby Base APP.
2023/03/13Features- Added the contents of the template function.
2022/11/10Features- Added the contents of the group function.
2022/09/12All pages- Released the first version of the document.🎊