JCV Cloud Device Manager is a device management service that offers hardware and application management functions. It offers an OOBE (Out-Of-Box Experience) of using facial recognition devices. It also provides a Restful standard OpenAPI.


📦Instance Management

  • Create and maintain service instances
  • API key management

📱Device Management

  • Update a single device: Update the basic information of a device.
  • Get the device list: List all registered devices in a service instance.
  • CRUD of a device group: Create, delete, or update a device group.
  • Get the device group list: List all device groups in a service instance.
  • Device/group management: Add/Remove devices to/from a device group.
  • Device application configuration: Manage application settings by device groups.
  • Registration Link management: Create, delete, or view the registration link for device enrollment.
  • Get the link list: List all created registration links in a service instance.

Revision history

2023/02/07All pages- Released the first version of the document.🎊
2023/03/17Features- Add the configuration settings of the device group.