Event List

This page provides detailed information on a single event

List of events

Upon entering a service instance, the list of generated events will be displayed. All events will be listed by event-generated time.

Events can be quickly filtered by either user ID or event-generated time. The search function is available in forward-matching, so type the keyword from its beginning. The total pages at the bottom automatically update and reflect the page of events after filtering conditions.

SnapshotA photo captured by the device during facial recognition.
NameIdentity ManagerThe first name + last name of Identity Manager.
User IDThe unique id of the Identity Manager
MethodThe method of access, Face_1vn indicates that the access is granted through facial recognition
Access StatusThe status of access. Either Success or Failed
SimilarityThe similarity score of facial recognition.
TemperatureThe temperature when temperature measurement is ON.
DeviceThe name of the device
Device GroupThe group name of the device.
LocationThe location of the device.
TimeThe event generated time.