This page list the features in Identity Manager.

JCV Cloud Identity Manager offers features that operate on various types of resources.

Single identity operations

The Single identity operations offer a set of CRUD functions over identities via GUI. These are easy-to-use pages for your identity database's daily operation and maintenance.


The Group function offer a set of CRUD functions over identity groups via GUI. These are easy-to-use pages designed for the daily operation and maintenance of your identity groups and the relation between identities and groups.


The Template function provides a configuration page for identity templates via GUI. Users can store more customized data by setting up customized items as an extension to standard fields. It also applies validation on the data input to help you manage structured data easily.


The Approval function provides a list of identity portrait registration requests generated by end-users (identity owners). JCV Cloud users can update the portrait of users by approving the registration requests on this screen.

SCIM server

The SCIM server function provides a setting page for Identity provisioning from Microsoft Azure AD to Identity Manager. Admin users can retrieve the required server endpoint and generate registration access tokens on this screen.


The OpenAPI of Identity Manager offers a set of CRUD functions over identities via RESTful OpenAPIs. You can use these APIs to integrate with the existing HR system for identity management. Also, facial recognition functions are provided to construct more sophisticated solutions using identities.