JCV Cloud Face Login is a Same Sign-On service based on facial recognition, offered in both SAML and Microsoft Windows. It eliminates the need to enter IDs and passwords manually to improve the efficiency of sign-on works and improves security.


📦Instance Management

  • Create and maintain service instances
  • API key management

💻Client Management

  • CRUD of a client: Create, delete or update a single client.
  • Set up method: Supports manual mode or SAML SP metadata upload.

🔑Credential Management

  • Reset a temporary password for a registered identity.
  • Unlock a locked identity user.
  • Delete a user's Windows registration info


  • Login page title setting
  • Authentication flow setting
  • Security policy setting
  • IDP metadata download

Revision history

2023/10/31Features- Added the Windows-related Cloud-side setting items.
2023/10/02Quick Start (Windows)- Added the Windows quick start guide.
2023/08/07Service providers- Added the GMO Trust Login SP setting guide.
2023/07/20Service providers- Added the ChromeOS SP setting guide.
2023/06/22Settings- Added password-related new options.
2023/04/13Service providers- Added the Salesforce SP setting guide.
2022/12/27All pages- Released the first version of the document.🎊