Quick Start

Create a service instance of Event Manager

To start using Event Manager, you must have a service instance first.

  1. Sign in to the management console of JCV Cloud (https://cloud.japancv.co.jp/en/signin).
    The dashboard screen appears.


  1. Select an organization from the top bar by clicking the Select an organization.
    The hamburger button appears on the left.
  2. Click the hamburger button to show the list of services.
    Click Elements - Event Manager to enter the initial setup page of Event Manager.
  3. On the service instance creation page, select the service region, select the service plan, select the solution service instance which you want to generate the events, enter a service instance name, and check the "I agree to the JCV Cloud Service Terms of Use". Then click the Add instance button to finish creating a service instance.🎉

Enter a service instance

After creating a service instance, you can enter a service instance to start managing access permissions.

  1. Select the service instance created on the Access Manager entrance page, and the permission list screen appears.
  1. Enter the event instance you can see a list view of the events.

As long as you have successfully created your event manager instance, then you can see all events generated by the building access app. 🎉