Event Subscription

This page provides detailed information for event subscription.

Event Subscription

External systems can subscribe to events by configuring the event subscription service.

Configuration ItemDescription
Enable event subscriptionsThe default value is OFF. Turn on to enable the event subscription function.
Request URLThe server address of the external system. The protocol supports both HTTP and HTTPS. Please input the address starting with either https:// or http://. And multiple endpoints are supported.
Subscribe To All eventsAll events will be pushed to the request URL.
Subscribe To Certain event typesOnly selected events will be pushed to the request URL.

Event Push

An example of the event push in protocol POST application/json.

  "id": "1c8d88f5-3692-4d68-ab73-847d9e453f6a",
  "sendTime": "2023-05-23T07:47:52.223583109Z",
  "event": {
    "id": "87e4e437-1761-4b63-8455-4242f084d30b",
    "service": "acs",
    "status": "permitted",
    "method": "face_1vn",
    "identityInfo": {
      "userId": "xxxx",
      "firstName": "xx",
      "lastName": "xx",
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "score": 0.9595365,
      "threshold": null
    "deviceInfo": {
      "id": "21c0b211-f20d-482a-8d0e-4cc3e2b8cd46",
      "name": "Exit",
      "location": "",
      "groups": [
          "id": "1ce56fd8-d126-4034-9642-fe3ca09f7391",
          "name": "office"
    "faceInfo": {
      "temperature": 35.454945
    "createdAt": "2023-05-23T07:47:51Z"